Joeshen's Fullmetal Alchemist Tv Review

Rated: 9

The way the storyline is laid out is very specific and organized. Each arc revisits the previous arc in one way or another, and even though the timeline may sometimes jump around, you can actually tell. The side jokes and humor stints during the episode, although funny and humorous, are sometimes a bit off in my opinion; the placement seems like it's there to release tension more than anything.

Other Notes:
A very enjoyable series that is full of suspense, humor, and drama to anybody who watches it. A central theme revolving around the plot (down straight to the "Law of Alchemy" described early in the series), and anybody who wants to watch an enjoyable and suspenseful series should definitely take their time to watch this.

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Joeshen's Prince of Tennis Tv Review

Rated: 8

A nice positive thing about this story is how the characters are diverse (which, again, is a nice touch to reality). From Echizen to Momoshiro to Kaidoh, just by these three alone, you can see that the character's personalities are VERY unique (again, reality). Another positive part about this is how they can get each respective personality to complement each other well when together. Another nice one is just how diverse the characters react when they score a point when they play other teams. The slapstick humor was also a nice touch.

~The Good Side:
- Each individual, as mentioned earlier, is unique with their very own personalities, and by their first tourney, you'll begin to remember their shots and their specialties, as well as their normal personalities.

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